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Before generating sales, your website must build trust
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With more than 10 years developing websites, we position our clients for success.

Blue Cubito Basics

Websites are the first impression they will have of your business and it is important to have a well-organized and well-designed website. Credibility is one of the main reasons why websites are a good investment.

Blue Cubito Recipe

Our team develops websites aligned with your business objectives and that generate trust for your audience. We work to achieve the desired user experience, define the technical requirements, sitemap and architecture. Then we move on to design and content writing and, once approved, we start the technical part.


The sitemap of your website will define the navigation structure, how many pages will be on your website, how users will find the information they are looking for ("user experience or UX") and what text and content will be on your website.


The choice of content management system (or CMS) will depend on a number of factors:

  • Familiarity with a previous CMS
  • The level of control you want to have without a web developer
  • The customization requirements of your website
  • The importance of location in search engines
  • Programming language preferences

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing strategy is based on considering how you want to position your company's brand, what information consumers or clients will look for when they visit your website and what is the objective of each of the pages.

Content Marketing strategies can be much more complex depending on customer/buyer characteristics, brand positioning and many other key factors, but at a minimum should consider the elements described above.


A responsive website allows your website to be displayed correctly on any device, adapting to the screen automatically. From smartphones, tablets or computers to Smart TVs.


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