Graphic Design

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With an in-house, multidisciplinary graphic design team, we have the ability to tackle design projects ranging from logo design to complete rebranding and website design.

Blue Cubito Basics

Design affects the way users perceive your brand and you only have one chance to make that first impression. Good graphic design work will provide users with an intuitive and engaging experience across all platforms as they get to know your brand and increase your conversion rates.

Blue Cubito Recipe

Brands and companies grow, their needs change and so do market demands. Fortunately for our clients, Blue Cubito's Graphic Design team can handle all of those communication and design needs in-house. We also stay up to date on the latest trends in design and technology, keeping our clients on the cutting edge. Why coordinate with multiple agencies when you can work with just one?


Our graphic design philosophy begins and ends with the specific objectives we aim to achieve.

With these objectives defined, we identify what outcomes are optimal for users and lay the groundwork towards these outcomes in a design strategy that balances functionality and aesthetics.

Mobile Design

Mobile devices account for more than half of the world's traffic. Mobile-friendly pages can deliver better user experiences and achieve better KPIs for brands.

Designing for smaller screens forces us to identify what is essential and eliminate what is superfluous, delivering designs that convey with a compelling clarity.


The ideas, the way they are communicated and the order in which they are presented come together to shape the user experience on a web page.

Developing with quality content enables designs that are optimally structured to provide key information, stimulate specific actions and facilitate business objectives.


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